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Why Buy a "Nifty 50"? | Sony 50mm f1.8 Review

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

If you are considering buying a 50 mm Sony lens for your camera?

If so, this video will help you figure out if this lens will help you add a new component to your camera bag.


Great for interviews, details, product demonstrations, and adding a professional look to your footage

I mix this lens in with multi camera interviews and dramatic close ups on a lot of my shoots.

It’s not the only lens you need, but its a lower priced option that adds a lot of value to your camera bag.


-Background Blur with 1.8

-Less cost than a zoom lens for that feature

-Fixed forces you to frame things properly

-Keeps the focus on the subject, not their surroundings


Fixed, harder for beginners to get used to

Easy to slip focus and ruin the shot with high background blur

Speed of auto focus, meant for predictable shooting scenarios with manual

Best Shooting Scenarios:

4K, manual settings at 1.8 as a B camera

Product shots with pro lighting

Dramatic portraits of people, keeping them the focus


Great lens to add to your bag

Adds professional background blur without paying thousands for a lens

My favorite lens to mix in with other angles to tell a story and add some drama

This thing slaps! Such a good investment for your money and adds many new tricks up your sleeve as a videographer.

Links to Buy: Sony 50mm:

Canon 50mm:

Panasonic 50mm:

My Full Kit:


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