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Should you Run Facebook Ads as a Videographer?

Should you be running Facebook ads?

In this video, we talk about when the right time is for running Facebook video ads as a freelancer. Not everyone will benefit from running ads so make sure to what both the pros and the cons to see if this is a good move for you.

You are ready to run ads for your business if:

  • Want more interested leads (but who wouldn't right!?)

  • Your prospects are on Facebook and Instagram frequently

  • Comfortable spending hundreds to spend a month on ads

  • have portfolio pieces and results that you can speak to

  • Easy to blow money early on

  • Start small, scale up

  • Have ROI in mind

  • Great for niche videographers like weddings, real estate, conferences, etc

PROS: More customers, more followers on your pages as byproduct, learn the trade to provide for clients later on

CONS: Budget to do it, another thing to check up on

This lesson is a part of the Facebook Ads for Freelancers mini course I created.

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