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Passive Income for Videographers using Sellfy

Passive Income is a hot topic for videographers and photographers these days that are looking for a way to make money without any effort.

And while we will be exploring a way you can make passive income, please know that it takes work to set things up and traffic needs to be sent to your store to make sales.

This method we will be discussing today is using Sellfy to list and sell presets or digital downloads to your followers.

*And really quick this is not a sponsored video, just sharing my experience with you guys to give you some ideas on how to use platforms like this to have more streams of revenue. I will also have a free trial link in the description box below that you can check out at any time during this video.

So what is Sellfy?

It’s a digital storefront that allows you to sell digital products like LUTs, presets, templates, and more.

The site allows you to display products, accept payments, and does the back end email delivery of the products when customers buy.

It is best for creators who have their own audience that want to sell their assets without needing to be directly involved.

The best products to sell in the videography space are LUTs, Presets, video assets, and other digital downloads that people can use to emulate your look or a certain feature.

Want to see a live store? Check out my store:


  • Have a free, under $10 bucks, and $50 option

  • Free option builds email list for later offers

  • Use their partner integrations to collect email leads elsewhere

  • This allows you to serve a variety of buyers based on their needs

  • Subconsciously adds value to all of your offerings

  • Most people will pick cheaper options, but allows you to upcharge

  • Other options out there: Big cartel, shopify (start your own store),


They offer 3 pricing options, each with more features. The Starter is $29 per month but you can save monthly by pre-paying annually which iis what I do.

So at $20/month, you want to shoot for having a product mix that will cover that cost. So selling a $10 preset bundle twice a month will make you earning a profit which is not super hard to do if you have an audience.

And there are not transaction fees or a percentage of sales which is great for high volume sellers.

They have higher tiered pricing options but you won’t hit those or need those services until you are making $10,000 or more in a year on this platform.

My Experience

I have not sold a ton of paid product on my store over the past few months. I like to use my store as a way to give free downloads while also offering some lower priced products in the $5-10 range.

I only have a handful of products on my store and only promote the store in my YouTube description box. So if you are more intentional with your store you will likely do better than me.

I also mainly sell online courses, which this platform is not geared toward. They focus mainly on digital downloads that can sent via email. So if you are wanting to sell courses, look at other platforms for that.

I strategically use my Sellfy store to build my email list, give my subscribers some helpful assets, and hope that I break even on the cost of an account each month.

Sellfy is a great site for a hands-off approach to selling your presets, LUTs, and other digital products for a high profit, low cost way to make more money.

Check out my store:

Snag their 14 day, free trial:


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