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How to Shoot a Wedding Video by Yourself

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

In this video, I go deep on the entire process of shooting a wedding video solo. We talk about camera gear, strategy, how to work with other creatives, camera placement, strategy, and workflow.

I cover:

  • Gear and what I use

  • Cameras

  • Lenses

  • Lights

  • Audio

  • Gimbal

  • Camera Settings - 1080p 60 fps

  • Strategy, tripod placements, making the most of what you have

Big themes for shooting solo:

  • Pre plan as much as possible

  • Coordinate with photographer and shoot as a team

  • Pre Shoot

  • Contact information for bride and 1 other person

  • Locations and meeting location in the morning

  • Pre-Charge, format cards, and load up the night before

Pro Tip: Make your lock screen the Schedule as phone background


  1. Leave early and leave 30 minutes of buffer time

  2. Find the bride right away and ensure things are on schedule

  3. Meet photographer and coordinate with them

  4. Details, establishing venue shots in the morning right away

  5. Get letters or vows read as soon as they are dressed

  6. Make sure to eat during family portraits or when the wedding party eats

  7. Pre Ceremony, establish tripod camera angles

  8. I like locked off on groom for reaction when bride comes down aisle

  9. If you are shooting in a church with a loft, use that for a clear angle from above

  10. I run with photographer and stay low in front row for bride + family + groom reactions

  11. Post Ceremony, Break down all tripods and gear, load up quickly for next location

  12. Never ride with wedding party in a bus unless you are coming back to the same location as your car

  13. Reception,

  14. Switch settings to 4K, 24 fps, high ISO for better low light quality

  15. Set up battery charging station in a power outlet and stage tripods/light stands in same area

  16. Eat when the head table eats

  17. Set up lights for speeches right away

  18. Coordinate with the DJ to plug recorder in to their system

After the shoot:

Offload and copy all footage that night to have two copies of everything

Solo Tips:

  • Shadow an experienced shooter for a few weddings to get the hang of it

  • Be clear on the shots that you need to make the video’s story come to life

  • Be confident in directing the couple during bridals

  • Work well with the photographer

  • Take care of your health by getting water and eating regularly

  • Bring extra of everything in case you need it

  • Deep breaths and make it all about the couple!

Want my wedding videography contract template? Download it here:

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