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How to Shoot a Sports Hype Video

This week, I am sharing my biggest tips for shooting sports hype videos!

If you are trying to shoot more videos for colleges, high schools or athletes - this video is for you.

Here are the spark notes!


  • Ask coach about focus this season or big players to highlight

  • Ask about mascots, cheerleaders, props, artifacts, other people or things that could be used in the video

  • Great videos are planned, not edited

  • Song selection before you get there (song is everything, shoot to edit)

  • Pre-cut the song before you even shoot. Export it as an mp3 and listen to it on the way to the shoot

  • VO stem, pre-game speech, or other dialogue to make it personal


  • Have dedicated shoot time rather than filming a practice

Shot diversity is so important (angles, scenes, locations, perspectives)

Wide/Medium and close ups, find intensity in each movement

Get audiobyes of actions like pads popping, swoosh of a hoop, etc.

  • Colored lights, fog, effects, camera tricks

  • Also intermix slow motion with 24fps shots depending on song

  • Get portraits of athletes to mix in with action shots

  • Attend a live game and get crowd reactions, micro stories, coaches yelling, etc.


Keep it brief! Lose excitement with a long video

  • Mix in game footage if you can to make things more interesting

  • Have fun with effects, speed ramps and other visuals

  • Research other colleges and pro highlight reels to see what you like

  • Audio is half of the experience - music, VO, foley, sound effects

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