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How to Professionally Email Videography Prospects

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

If you are a videographer or photographer trying to figure out how to write emails to land new business, you have found the right video.

I am going to share my 5 step process to making contact with a video lead via email, how to go about it without being pushy, and sound professional. I have used these tactics to land business clients in a variety of industries like fitness and real estate so I wanted to share my knowledge with you!

Creatives seem to struggle with selling their services and lots of us tend to think our work will just sell itself. If this sounds like you, don’t worry I’ll take care of you.

Get the Free Email scripts here:

👊🏻FREE Email Template:

These scripts are just a starting point for you so make sure to add some personalization to them and be yourself.

You need to understand the true value your skill set will bring someone and illustrate that clearly and concisely to them. Sounds hard, but I will break it down for you. Make sure to give the video a big thumbs up for more business tips like this and lets get into it!


1. Research (website, what they do, how video can help their business)

2. List of prospects in similar industry

3. Make a list in sheets or excel, take notes of what they are lacking

4. I.D. Contact (director of marketing)

5. Craft Email Sequence - intro, helpful follow up, check receipts, break up

6. Set a Time for a Meeting

Bonus tips:

  • Stop after 4 or 5 emails

  • If they say no, don’t push it

  • LOA - law of average

  • Pro tip, compile a list of similar companies and reach out to many with a similar email template sequence.

  • Start engaging with their social media channels - keeps you frequently top of mind

How to find the right person to contact

  1. Go on website, look for about page and find anyone with title of ‘marketing, communications’, or related role

  2. If you can’t find their email, try using a free plug in called ‘Hunter’ which works for medium sized businesses

  3. Last resort is emailing their ‘info@’ address, not direct and gets lost easily

  4. If no email, cheat and go to their company Instagram and DM them. Not the most professional route but someone will see it.

  5. Introduce yourself and state why you are reaching out

  6. Mention vision for what types of work you want to shoot

  7. Send them to a portfolio of similar work - if no portfolio….

  8. Offer to shoot the first video for free, if they like it they will work with you

  9. Wait 4 days and reach back with a value add piece (do research and find something that actually helps them)

  10. Offer email template as a part of my videography course - discounted for 1st 20 students

  11. Also have an industry list in that course to help you id new industries you didn’t think of to solicit for business

Hopefully after watching this you feel more confident reaching out to prospects in different industries with confidence. It takes practice but if you have the right intentions and follow these steps, you will be increasing your bookings in no time!

These email tips are just a part of the 'Selling' season within Solo Video Pro

It is 16 different lessons teaching you how to start and scale your freelance videography business.

Lots of included downloads like these email scripts are included as well.

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