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How to Cold Call Videography Prospects (My 8 Step Process)

How to Cold Call Videography Prospects:

In this video, I share my 8 step sales process that I use to find new business for freelance videography work. If you don't actively reach out and sell yourself, you won't make much money. This process isn't perfect, but it's how I do it so I wanted to share it with you.

Doing these steps on a regular basis and tweaking your approach for your niche, experience, and freebie are key to seeing success! This lesson and 90 others can be found in the full Solo Video Pro course which teaches videographers the business foundations to earning an income.

Why should you be reaching out to prospects? Its how you open doors to more work with ideal clients.

It’s scary, uncomfortable, and not your favorite thing to do but its the most impactful action you can do to get more more. Sell.

Here is an overview of the Sales Steps:

  1. Pick a Niche (gyms, real estate, finance, fitness, etc)

  2. Build a list using Google Sheets

  3. Use, LinkedIn, to find leads

  4. Input their email/phone information in a spreadsheet

  5. Craft a Script and Offer

  6. Lead with value, offer them something (free shoot, stock footage from related projects, free strategy session, etc.)

  7. Get to the point and why it benefits them

  8. Soft Call to Action

TIPS: The more helpful you are, the easier this is. If you hard sell, it’s nearly impossible to close anyone. People hate telemarketers, spam, and being sold to. So avoid all of that and lead with your offer right away Ask for email address to send them information directly.

  1. Start Calling.

  • 50-100 names and hit them in 1-2 hours

  • Take a look at their site right before calling

  • Will only get to talk with a target lead a handful of times

  • Do this on a weekly basis

2. Book In person meetings or brief phone call after the initial call (15-30 minutes)

3. Complete a Basic discovery meeting to learn more about their company and how video can help them.

4. Follow up immediately with email or LinkedIn friend request with a note, solidifying your face with their call so they don’t forget you.

Example Script (offer free stock footage of their niche to start a conversation)

“Hi, may I speak with ____________ in the marketing department?

Gatekeeper: ‘What is this regarding? Or ‘May I ask who is calling?’

“This is Ryan with Snaadt Media Group, I am trying to get a hold of _______ to send them some footage of _________.”

Gatekeeper: ‘Ok, one moment.’ ‘ They are in a meeting, do you want their voicemail?’

Voicemail: “Hey, _________ this is Ryan with Snaadt Media Group, so I am sitting on a ton of __________ footage and was curious if you had any need for it. I thought you may be able to use it in some social media videos or just have it for future edits.

Give me a call back at ________________ and I am happy to send it over to you. I will also send you an email if that is easier for you.

Again this is Ryan at _______________. Thanks!

They answer: ‘This is ____________’

Ryan: ‘Hey _________, it’s Ryan Snaadt, how is it going?

Lead: ‘Good, who are you?’

Ryan: Sorry, my name is Ryan, I own a video marketing company here in Iowa and shoot a lot of _______ footage for clients. I was cleaning out some of my hard drives recently and found quite a bit of ________ footage and thought you may have some use for it.

Do you post much video on your website or social media?

Lead: Yes, we post a lot.

Ryan: Awesome.

Ryan: Ok great, what is a good email to send those files to?


Ryan: Sweet, I will get those uploaded and over to you this week. I have a ton of ideas that I would be happy to share with you regarding video marketing for ____________ company. I think they could really help you drive sales on your website.

Do you have 15 minutes next week that we could hop on a quick call so I can share them with you?

Lead: Uhh sure that sounds like it would be worth my time.

Ryan: There is no catch or anything, you would actually be doing me a huge favor since I can get these ideas out of my head so somebody can benefit from them. How does _______ on _______ sound?

Lead: Works for me.

Ryan: Ok, cool. What is the best number to reach you directly?

Lead: 123-456-7899

Ryan: Ok, great I will talk with you next week then. Looking forward to it!

(hang up)



LI Recommendations from connections

Ask past clients if they have friends that could use your services

Pair this outreach model with an inbound marketing model

If you get more sophisticated, you can buy lists, use a CRM to keep track of everyone, or even hire out a sales person to execute this stuff for you.


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