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How to Build a Business Process for Videography

Building a business process as a videographer may not seem like a very important task. But having a process will get maintain consistant quality to your clients, keep things organized, and allow you to turn projects faster.

You can also automate much of this process so you spend less time on the admin tasks and more time creating videos for clients who will pay you what you are worth.

Here are the steps in my process:

  1. Inquiry

  2. Questionare

  3. Discovery Call

  4. Proposal

  5. Approval

  6. Signed Contract and Invoice Payment

  7. Scripting

  8. Script Approval

  9. Shoot

  10. Offload Footage/Edit

  11. Rough Cut to Client for Review

  12. Final Version to Client

  13. Invoice 2nd payment

  14. Follow Up

  15. Promote

  16. Add Contact to Email List

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