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How to Become a Videographer | 5 Phase Process

How to become a Videographer:

In this video, we dig into the step by step process you can take to go from shooting free work, to growing a multi six or seven figure video production business.

If you are clear on what you want for yourself and your business - you can achieve anything.

The Phases are: Phase 1: Test the Waters Phase

2: Start Charging Phase

3: Niche Down Phase

4: Build a Business Phase

5: Scale and Manage

To grow, you need to build both your technical knowledge to provide a high end video to your clients and the business knowledge to take that skill and build a business around it.

These are two very different skills, and most of you watching this video are focused on the skill of shooting and editing, not the business skills to create an income.

So I want to share the step by step process from ground zero of how you create your own freelance video business from scratch with no knowledge.

In the beginning,

  • Step by step process for beginners

  • Phase 1: Test the Waters (No income)

  • Start shooting with what you have and practice all of the time

  • Technical knowledge (lighting, cameras, audio)

  • Shoot for free to put knowledge into practice

  • Watch other videographers work to see how they perform

  • Second shoot if possible, be a production assistant, observe and learn

  • Storyline + Intent + Marketing

  • Phase 2: Begin Charging (Under $25k)

  • (ideal clients, price point, differentiators)

  • Start charging for your services, start at $500 and go up from there

  • Begin building a portfolio that becomes your resume

  • Shoot any video you can for experience and to test industries

  • Phase 3: Intermediate Level: ($25k-$100k)

  • Getting over $1,000 paid projects

  • Start approaching ideal clients and offering your services

  • Build a website and social media channels to promote your work

  • Try to niche down and be known for one thing to help you grow

  • Phase 4 Business Building: ($100k-$500k)

  • Begin reading business books, taking courses, and investing in knowledge to improve

  • Invest in software, systems, and automation to free up your admin tasks

  • Start putting a plan together to grow past yourself (hire employees, put in systems, become a business owner, not a creative)

  • Phase 5: Scale and Manage ($500k and up)

  • Hire out all production roles and focus on leadership, sales, and management

  • Break into new niches, chase higher end projects


Be clear on what your business is aiming for (team, solo shooter)

Connect with other videographers at higher stages and learn how they got there

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals to reach higher phases

Allow yourself to dream and build a plan to get there

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