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Become a Solo Video Pro and Master the Business of Videography in Days, not Years.

Are you a videographer that hates the business side of freelancing?

You are not alone - creatives have a tough time mastering the business skills it takes to land projects that pay well. Most people spend their time learning the technical skills like cinematography and lighting, but have NO CLUE how to run a business.

That is why I have been hard at work creating a program to help you start and grow a videography business by yourself - it’s called Solo Video Pro.

Solo Video Pro takes all of the guesswork, giving you a step by step process to start your business, get comfortable selling to clients, confident about your pricing, marketing strategies for social media, email, and your website, strategies to grow your business - delegating tasks, hiring help, and landing monthly retainers.

All the stuff that you have to learn the hard way and that you can’t find in a classroom anywhere else.

With advanced lessons on running video ads for clients, setting up over 10 streams of income, growing a 6 figure business in like weddings, real estate, or small businesses,

you will have the all the knowledge you need to turn your passion with a camera into legitimate business.

If you want to access over 100 lessons, industry breakdowns, email sales templates, contracts, software discounts for accounting/music licensing/ and client footage review, a private mentorship group, and more,

make sure to click the link around this video to join.

With new lessons being added each month and a supportive community, you will have no trouble increasing your bookings and creating the videography business you deserve.

Invest in yourself and Become a Solo Video Pro now!


Solo Video Pro is the passion project that I have been working on since 2017 - creating a program to help videographers master the business of solo videography in days, not years.

There is so much great info on shooting technique, lighting, editing, and camera gear online. But in my research, there was not many resources with detail on sales, marketing, how to get gigs, upsell, and put processes in place to run a business - so I created it!

What started out as a 16 lesson basic course, now has almost 90 business trainings, a Facebook Ads Mini course, interviews with successful freelancers, discounts on popular business software, and bonus content like mock contracts, email templates, and more.

I am proud to say this course is getting our students results and we are looking for more motivated owner/operators that want to improve their business. If that's you, check out the paid program!

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Turn your hobby of videography into a profitable business!

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