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10 Tax Write Offs for 2021 Tax Season

10 Tax Write Offs for 2021:

It's tax season, oh joy! (Said nobody ever)

In this video, we talk about 10 ideas for tax write offs for your videography business. I am not a tax pro, but these are some ideas for you to explore with your CPA.

Here are my suggestions for write offs to explore:

-Vehicle for business usage

-Mileage to shoots, meetings, travel

-Gas and vehicle maintenance

-Travel meals

-Hotels, Flights, Ubers

-Home office space -Internet at home office

-Speaking of home, if you use the internet service for work -which we all do - you can pay for your home internet with your business card and write it off as an office expense Gear purchases

-An obvious one is buying or replacing new gear.

Pay with your business card and categorize it as an expense. Office or computer upgrades -Don’t forget your computer as a tool as well.

If I upgrade my editing machine, web cam, hard drives, or new modem for faster internet, all of this can be written off as well.

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