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Land video clients that recognize your skill and pay your worth

Solo Video Pro is an online course, helping solo videographers hone the marketing, sales, and business aspects of freelancing all by themselves. Members gain clarity, connection, confidence, and a clear path to landing bigger, better video projects. 

This course is designed to guide you through the early stages of starting your videography business, marketing and reaching out to prospects online, and confidently closing deals with more video clients. Business skills are tough to master and can take years to understand. As a Solo Video Pro, you will have the tools to close more deals, make more money, and get back to enjoying the creative process again.

No more fumbling about price in meetings, losing work to cheaper guys down the street, or taking any gig you can just to make a quick buck. Your dream clients are waiting for you - you just have to be seen and know how to present yourself confidently. 

Welcome to the fast-track of owning a profitable freelance business!

What's Inside?

What is Solo Video Pro?

Launch faster, land bigger projects, and charge more!

Get off the ground quickly without the typical growing pains using Ryan's proven 'Interest Triangle' method

Season 1 Includes:

  • Setting & Reaching Goals

  • Gear Needed to Start

  • Building a Portfolio

  • Avoiding Legal Risk

  • Tracking Accounting

  • Industries in Demand

Attract ideal customers online and overcome the feeling of a sleazy sales person by solving problems - not selling services.

Season 2 Includes:

  • Pricing Strategies

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Attracting Ideal Clients

  • Upselling 

  • Invoicing

Become hyper-efficient to take on multiple projects at once, automate repeatitive tasks,  and begin delegating tasks that you hate doing.

Season 3 Includes:

  • Time Management

  • Avoiding Burnout

  • Writing Contracts

  • Copyright

  • Getting Retainer Work

  • Hiring Help

What do current students say?


Andrew M.

Solo Video Pro


"Without a doubt the best purchase I have made as a small business owner. If you are looking to get into a market that is continuing to climb more and more everyday with countless needs for video - check out Solo Video Pro!"

Sam M.

Solo Video Pro


"For those contemplating taking the course, I literally JUST finished the first season of lessons and found it super helpful. I honestly hadn't put as much thought into the legal side of my business...but it gave me something to think about. Also, it's video style so I literally listened while driving. Any content I want to go back over and take notes, it's super easy to get back. I am really glad I signed up."


Industry Scouting

Spreadsheet Examples

Goals Template

Email Templates

Mock Contracts

Accounting Spreadsheet



from business software to gear

Wipster | Video Reviews

Forever Free Plan

10% OFF

Quickbooks | Accounting & Taxes

50% OFF

Soundstripe | Music Licensing



Ryan started his own freelance video business, Snaadt Media Group, while in college pursuing a degree in business. As a solo entrepreneur, he has substantially scaled his business each year while handling all aspects of the creative process.  With over 5 years of experience running his own business, he has had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients ranging from yoga studios to social media influencers, taking him across the country creating content.

Ryan Snaadt (rhymes with odd)

Founder, Solo Video Pro


Easily 10x your investment after landing just 1 new gig!



Average price tag for new client video



One time payment with access to all future lessons

Membership Includes

20+ Business Lessons
$260+ savings on software
Industry scouting reports
Cold email templates
Access to all future videos 
Private Facebook Group Mentorship


Q: What is the typical ROI of the course?

A: The course includes content to help you market, sell, and land paid video projects. The goal of this is to make you more money and be an investment - not an expense. If you land just 1 project - the course will pay for itself. 

Q: What if I am not a business person? 

A: That is ok! The course is geared towards folks with less business knowledge in the first place. If turning your hobby into a side gig sounds like fun, you will love Solo Video Pro. 

Q: How long do I have access to the lessons?

A: You get lifetime access. This includes ALL future content that I will be adding over the next few months.


Q: Why join a course when YouTube is free?

A: YouTube is a great place for free info, that is why I share so much on my channel each week! But there is real value in having a step by step process you can follow to get similar results. Solo Video Pro contains all of the business skills you need to earn an income creating videos. No sifting through hours of videos. No fluff. Just real, actionable content that will steer you towards success. 

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